Thursday, March 11, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: My testimony

One of the most cherished treasures I want  to pass on to my children, my grandchildren, and all my posterity is my testimony.
I wanted to put together a book with the story of how my testimony came to be, and that included my idea of the pre-existence, my most meaningful life experiences till the moment I finally got baptized.
I wanted this book to be full of pictures that would complement my memories.
I had been thinking about it for years, and when I found out about  Heritage Makers I knew I could finally put my testimony in a book that could be preserved for generations to come.
It took me 2 more years to be able to actually realize this dream of mine, since I was in Florida and all my childhood and any other pre-digital era pictures were in my house in Italy, but when I finally was able to go back and take the most meaningful pictures with me to scan them and include them in the book, I felt like a huge burden had been lifted off my chest.
I could finally complete my book, I finally knew that my testimony was preserved and that I could make as many copies as needed to give to my children when time would come.
Oh what a joy when I received the first copy of my book...

I called it "My journey: from birth to rebirth".
 Even if my children are still very young, from time to time they have been going through the pages, looked at the pictures and the oldest one has been asking questions that he wouldn't otherwise have asked me, and to whom I might have not been able to answer in the future.
They can see what their mom dreams and thoughts were when she was their age, how she was growing up, what events signed her life, what she learned from them.... 
Life is so unpredictable, and knowing that should something happen to me, they will still be able to know who their mom was, and maybe still learn something from me, makes my heart feel at peace.
Any person has a testimony to share with his/her posterity. It is so important to make sure that the ones that will come after us might learn from our experiences, both spiritual and temporal.
This is one of the greatest treasures you can leave your children.
If you haven't done it yet, I urge you to do it today. Do it before going to bed. Start writing even just a few thoughts about what you firmly believe, and want your children, your posterity to know about you, something that goes beyond your birth date and the places you have been, something that will be more important to them than grandma's necklace or great granddad's watch.
You will discover that you are not doing this just for them, but for yourself, because it will help you take time to remember who you are, and where you are going in your life.
What's even better, this is a treasure that can be divided among all your posterity, and will not diminish, but will keep multiplying from generation to generation.

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