Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sad news

On June 1, 2010, Heritage Makers will be turning off the ability to create new 5-panel and 7-panel family folds, and 12x18 posters. On August 1, 2010,  the ability to publish these projects will be turned off. They will continue to offer 3-panel family folds and 18x24 posters.
This means that if you were thinking to create a 7 fold  4-generations cheat sheet like the ones I created, you need to do it now, and  you will only be able to have it published and shipped to your home until the end of July.
This is pretty sad for me, since I really loved the cheat sheet I had created.
I had made one for me, one for my husband, one for each of my children and was going to make some for our siblings and parents too... I guess this teaches me not to procrastinate!
You can still use the 3-folds, in fact I made a genealogy one that I will show you in another post, but if you really love the ones I already created, maybe you can try writing and let them know that you really like the 5 and 7 folds and would really appreciate if they would just keep them in the line of their products.
You can do the same if you would like them to keep the 12x18 posters.
Maybe if they receive enough emails, they will re-think their decision! That's my hope!
After June 1st, if you bought a family fold credit you will be able to use it only for the 3-fold version, and if you have a 12x18 poster credit, you will be able to use it to publish an 18x24 poster.
Let me know if you wrote Heritage Makers!

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