Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Personalized Children's Christmas storybook

Traditions are a very important part of a Family Heritage. It is very important to pass them on from generation to generation, but it is also important to create a new one.
We have quite a few Christmas tradition, some from my Italian Heritage, some from my husband's America Heritage, but I really feel that we need to have a tradition that is peculiar to our own little family.
This year I want to start the tradition to read my children a very special book, a Christmas story where they are indeed the protagonists.
I found this template in the Template Gallery,
and I thought this was just perfect for what I wanted to create.
This book is a 8x8 hardbound storybook, which is pretty, but I decided to make mine a soft bound one.
I took picture from the past year, so that the kids will enjoy it even more since they remember a good deal of the experiences we shared in the last 12 months.
I am so glad I found a template that suits my needs, since lately seems like not even a 48 hours day would be enough to accomplish all my tasks and obligations!
The hardest part was choosing the pictures, then I just dragged and dropped them in the Template, tyoed my kids' names, et voila'!
Here is a taste of what my book is going to look like

The boys are going to be so surprised when I will read it to them on Christmas morning!
And a new tradition for the Hall family will be born...

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