Saturday, February 6, 2010

How do you want your grandchildren to remember you?

I have been thinking to all the grandparents out there, and at the same time, to my future self, as I look forward to the day I will be a grandma too.
Grandchildren are the next generation, the ones that hopefully will keep our memory alive, at least this is what we all can hope...
If you don't want to leave the preservation of you memory to the fate though, there is something you can do now.
Whether you have 1 grandchild or 10, whether they are newborns, toddlers or grown ups, I am pretty sure  they will all love to know how you were as a child, as a teenager, as a spouse, a parent, and how you feel as their grandparent.
You can make sure that each and everyone of them knows your story, by putting together your pictures and your memories in a book.
When you create this book digitally, you can make as many copies as you need.
I love the online Studio software since it allows me to create my books and also to have my project preserved for years to come, so, should you be blessed with more granchildren in the future, you will always be able to print more books, and what's even better, you can modify any  page to add that new grandchild in your list of grandchildren.
You can take your time and create your book from scratch, or you can take advantage of a template.
All you will need is a computer, your pictures, a scanner for the pictures that have not been digitized yet, your story, and naturally, your love.
I just discovered these gorgeous templates that are just perfect for telling your story to your granchild!
How I became your grandma
How I became your grandpa
I am just in love with them!  These templates are not only easy to personalize with your pictures and story, but also guide you step by step in your story writing. And don't forget that they are completely modifiable, so you can change backgrounds, duplicate or remove pages, add or delete pictures, make them bigger or smaller, anything!
So, you have no excuses! Start writing your story today, and give your granchildren a gift that will last a lifetime, and more...

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