Friday, February 5, 2010

WDYTYA = Who do you think you are? The show!

Have you heard? The American version of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ is coming on March 5th!
In case you haven't heard about "Who Do You Think You Are?", here is a brief summary:

The family history-focused series will lead seven celebrities on a journey back in time as they discover more about the ancestors who came before them. Lisa Kudrow, who executive produced the show, will be featured in the episodes, along with Sarah Jessica Parker, Spike Lee, Matthew Broderick, Susan Sarandon, Emmitt Smith, and Brooke Shields. is a partner with NBC on the show. Tune into NBC Fridays 8/7c beginning March 5.

While to me it doesn't make any difference if it is a celebrity finding his/her roots, or the person down the street, it is indeed great that there is a show like this since I think it will bring more people to want to learn more about genealogy and family history, and this is all that I am about.
Every means is great to have more genealogy enthusiast join us!
I like that geneabloggers is suggesting a WDYTYA party. That's a great way to get your friends that have never shown interest in genealogy, to discover a new passion. It's also a wonderful reason, if you have friends that share your same passion for genealogy, to get together and maybe share your latest findings.
Geneabloggers also gives counsels on how to organize a WDYTYA party, and I am flattered to see that they suggest my magnetic family tree game for parties that include children.
Other games that could be interesting for both children and grown ups are the Family game cards, and a "guess who" game made using actual family photos( I will explain this game in a later post).

Also, if you have family in your party, a great party favor could be a nice genealogy tree with family pictures like the ones I talked about here and here or a cute family love tree swatchbook like this.
Also a Heritage calendar would be perfect to help your family remember about family history and the efforts you put in it!
For the friends coming to your party, even just a page with a nice family tree like the one used for the magnetic tree game, would be great, and would also give them a reason to go back home at the end of the party and look through their photos in order to find as many pictures as possible to fill that tree.
This could actually be a challenge, you could make it a game. The person that will have the most pictures by the following week, when you will all get together again to watch WDYTYA again, gets a prize! An idea for the prize could be a nicely framed genealogy quote, like this, or any other inspiring family quote.
Whatever you choose, just make sure that you make this opportunity as valuable as possible for you and your family and friends, and enjoy the show!

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