Friday, February 12, 2010

San Valentino

This what Valentine's day is called in Italy.
Did you know that in Italy you only give a valentine to your special someone? I must say I was pretty surprised when I learned that here in America children (or should I say parents?) give valentines to all the friends in their class and anybody else they can think of! That's a lot of work! I am so grateful for digital scrapbooking! I can create one valentine and just make copies!
So, today I want to give my special valentine to all of you that enjoy my blog and my ideas, and that have a passion or simply like everything Italian.
These 2 phrases both mean I love you, but the first one is more as a friend or as a relative, the second one is for your one and only:

Here are some more Italian Valentine word art:
I will love you forever

Heart and heartbit
You are my life
You can find more Italian word Art here.
I hope you enjoy them!
Let me know if you would like a customized Italian valentine, I can create practically anything!
Happy Valentine's day everybody!

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