Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wedding pictures at hand

Remember your wedding? That was one of the most special day of your life...
If you are like me, and love those pictures that were taken on your day so much, if you could, you would bring your wedding album with you everywhere you go...
But..let's face it... That is not something that is really practical...
Well, I have found the solution for me: a swatchbook!

A swatchbook is small enough to fit in any purse, funny pack,  even in your pockets!
I choose my favorite wedding pictures, and I had fun putting them together..
Here is a couple more pages:

Swatch books come with 10 pages, that can be printed on both side, which gives you freedom for 20 different layouts, if you choose so. If you like the layout I created for my wedding pictures, I will transfer you the template when you sign up for your free account at www.preservemyheritage.com, and contact me to purchase your swatchbook and let me know that you would like to have this specific template.
Note: This swatchbook has been created with premier art, so you will need to have a premier membership(free 1 month for new clients on their first credit purchase) to be able to access it, but you can create a beautiful wedding swatchbook even with basic membership.
Swatch books are so affordable that you can make copies to give to your spouse, your parents, grandparents, and anyone that would enjoy having your wedding pictures at hand.
Swatchbooks are also a great wedding gift! Your friend/family members will thank you for giving them such a thoughtful gift, and you will be sure to give them something unique, and that they will cherish for years to come.

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