Saturday, February 13, 2010

Use Canvas to decorate your child's room

You want your child room to be as special as he/she is...
You can choose to go to a store and buy some generic room decor, or you can spend hours and create your own personalized room decor, or you can save yourself time and money and go for the wonderful 8x8 and 20x8 canvases you can easily create with the HM Studio editor.
This is what I just found in the template gallery:
Aren't they adorable? You can swap any of the animals with the one you like, change the background colors to match your child's bedroom colors, you get the idea!
I also like using a 20x8 canvas to display the child name, like in this template:

and if you like you can personalize these canvases with tour child's picture:

Your child's room will be like no other and you will be sure you will have made him/her feel oh so special!
So, have I tickled your imagination?
You can create canvases like this for your child and also save money by contacting me and taking advantage of this month offer on 8x8 and 20x8 canvases, so don't wait! You can get the canvas(es) credit now, and then create it whenever you feel like it, since credits last at least 1 year!

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