Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another great gift giving idea: Let's play!

Don't you love how playing games seems to always bring the family together? Kids get to improve their attitude about winning/losing and it's something fun that grown-ups and kids can enjoy together.
There are some great ways to bring a fun family connection to game night - your family photos on one of our Playing Card Game Decks!
You can't go wrong with them! Kids just love seeing their faces and the faces of their family as they play their favorite card games.
And what a great gift for the grandparents - a deck of cards featuring their grandchildren!

Here are some of my favorite Card Game Templates, some found in the Heritage Makers Template Gallery, some just created by me from scratch- just click on each link to preview the whole deck:

Family Domino: this is your simple Domino, with a kick: faces instead of numbers. I had so much fun creating it from scratch!

Basic Photo Playing Cards: Sometimes, simple and easy makes the best gift! Just pop in your photos and you have a great standard card deck for all of your favorite card games - a perfect stocking stuffer! This is how some of my cards looked:

Fancy photo playing cards: If you like your playing card deck to be more elaborate, you can chose among many other templates or create a new one like I did with mine:

3 in 1 Family game - Don't you love BOGOs? Even better when you get 3 games at the price of one! With this card deck, you can play any game you would with a standard deck of cards, plus you can guess who is the person in the picture(it is up to you to make it as difficult or as easy as you like, depending on who the usual players will be) or it can start the conversation going with questions about people's dreams, memories, and more... A great way to get to know each other better or be reminded of things you "should" know!

I took the idea from a template, but decided to make it more personal changing backgrounds and embellishments. This is a project I am working on as I write!

But there is more than just using them as playing cards - combine card game decks with other Heritage Makers projects to make these fun, personalized games. Give one of these as an unforgettable gift - you'll never find it at next year's yard sale!

Family Land - Playing Cards and Poster Game Board and Family Fold Out Game Rules - Just like that other popular board game, this uses family photos instead of colors to go from square to square. Combine the card deck with a 18 x 24 poster as the game board! You can also print the rules on a Family Fold Out card.This is how mine looks:

You can really come up with any new game, you can make your own UNO game, OLD MAID, there is no limit to the creativity with our playing cards!

One of my next projects is to create the game of "SCOPA" which is a classic card game played in Italy, so that I will be able to share some more of what is part of my culture with my kids.

More ideas to come in the next days, so stay tuned!!!

I'm happy to help you create your own unique Card Game for yourself or as a gift! Just call me or email me and I can get you started. And remember with our Buy 3 get the 4th Free Christmas in July sale, you can get multiple decks of cards to give to your dear ones at an amazing price! You must purchase the credits this month to get the sale price, but you'll have plenty of time to complete your cards before the holidays! Gift giving has never been more fun!

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