Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Christmas in July idea: Favorite family recipes book

So you think you can cook?
Why not share your talent with family and friends? Why not preserve those precious family recipes for generations to come and collect them in a beautiful and practical spiral bound book?
It is so easy and fun to create a cookbook with the Studio 3.0 software that you might not want to stop!

I am creating a cookbook with my own recipes, mostly Italian, learned over the years or just created out of the blue, that have become my family favorites.

I keep joking(seriously;)) that when my boys are grown up and become "wedding material", any girl that comes to my house will be presented with the cookbook and if, and only when they can cook my recipes, they can seriously date my sons, and eventually get married!

I dream of my grandchildren cooking my recipes, of my traditions being kept even when I will be gone, and this makes creating my cookbook even more meaningful and important.

The most difficult part for me is getting to use cups and tablespoons, as I am used to just cook as it goes, but I am really appreciating it as my husband can use my recipes when I am sick, instead of continually putting together PB&J or cheese sandwiches, which is what happen during my last difficult pregnancy.
It also helps when I get one of my "brain fart moments" and for some reason I can't remember what is missing in the dish I am preparing.
Since I have told my family and friends about the cookbook, I have had so many of them asking for a copy, so this looks like a great opportunity to share my culinary talents with my loved ones!

Creating your favorite recipes cookbook might be the best gift you have ever given to yourself or your dear ones, and you can be assured that is going to be cherished for years to come...
And when your family grows, it is a gift you can give any time to new family members, for Christmas, as a wedding gift, as a house warming gift or any other occasion. Your project will be stored in your account forever and you will be able to print more copies anytime!
Remember, with the BUY 3 GET the 4rth FREE Christmas in July deal, you can make copies for anyone on your Christmas list and save money and time! Or you can create a pasta recipes book, and a vegetable recipes book and a dessert recipes book, anything you feel like! Only 2 days left to take advantage of these incredible deals!!!
Call me or email me and I will be happy to help you get started on all your wonderful Christmas projects!

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