Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Christmas in July idea#3: A very special calendar!

Last year my husband got a calendar as a gift. You might think it is a weird gift for a husband, but I will explain why. He never remembers a birthday!!! He has his nice notebook, his computer reminders, but he still forgets!
So, I decided to create a calendar that is very nice to look at, full of our family pictures, and I dropped a picture wherever there was a birthday or anniversary.
Now he doesn't have any excuse. The calendar is there, the pictures catch his attention, so he can't forget anybody! Yeah!
Also, my kids love looking at their own pictures on the calendar, and telling me who everybody is.
It was pretty easy making this calendar using a template! I wanted to make it more personal so I changed something here and there, but it was really a breeze!!!
You can give a look at the whole calendar here.

This year I am going to create more calendars. I am working especially on one for my mom, who lives in England with my sister while most of her brothers and sisters still live in Italy.
When she came to visit last Christmas and saw the calendar I created, she was tempted to "steal" it, and she made it pretty clear that I had to make one for her too. I told her that she would get one by the next Christmas since I didn't put all the uncles and aunts on the calendar I had already made.
Since she went back to England, she has been "kindly" reminding me about the calendar every time we talk at the phone!

Your whole family can be amazed with such a easy yet incredible gift, and what's even nicer, they will be reminded of you every time they look at it, which is practically... every day!!!^_^

And don't forget, this month calendar credits are Buy 3 Get the 4th Free, so you can easily make multiple copies for your whole family! With this sale, each calendar is only $22, which is an amazing deal for this truly unique gift! You'll see how creative you can get with the Heritage Studio Publisher - it goes well beyond what you can get with those bargain copy-shop one-size-fits-all photo calendars. It's simplicity and creativity you can only find with Heritage Makers!

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