Saturday, September 5, 2009

Don't wait!

How many of us feel that their life is so busy, they don't have time... Time to do the things that matter most...
Time to play with your children, time to make that telephone call to that friend of yours or to send a note to a dear one...
We get so busy trying to make the money we need for that vacation, or to buy everything for our children that we forget that we should take time to spend with our dear ones today.

I can't hide the fact that I fall in this trap many times...
My mom came to visit me last Christmas for the first time. Read more about it here.
During her 2 weeks stay at our house, she kept asking me to make her a calendar like the one I had made for our home, and I told her I would make her one for the next year since I wanted to collect all the birthdays from aunts and cousins.
She really didn't want to wait, but had to.
She kept asking about it every time I would call her, and I would tell her:"Don't worry, I will make it!".
Well, in the last week of July she ended up in critical conditions in a hospital there in England and I was faced with my worst fear: what if it is too late?
I had procrastinated all the steps needed to make that calendar she wanted so much, and I might never be able to give it to her...
That thought was killing me, so I started working on that calendar at once, even if I didn't know if I would have finished it in time to give it to her.
To speed up the process, I used a template, and started dragging and dropping family pictures.
I wrote my cousins to ask for pictures and birth dates to insert in the calendar for my mom to remember all of them. I called my aunts for the info I couldn't retrieve through the emails...
Thankfully my mom started getting better, but I kept asking for the missing birth dates to everybody.
Finally my mom was at home with my sister, and I just published her calendar, as soon as I got the last missing birth date.
You can see the whole calendar here.
I am so glad that she is better now, but I have learned the lesson.
Don't wait to have time to do those things that tell your loved ones that you love them and you care about them! Don't wait to write your family history! Don't wait to preserve your precious photos!
Don't wait for when you will have time:

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