Thursday, September 10, 2009

Family history desktop calendars

Time is the reason why we have calendars, because we want to know what day it is and have an idea of the days we have ahead of us.
Our ancestors might be from another time, but they still represent TIME, so I thought it would be a nice idea to create a family history calendar. I could use the calendar format, which is great, but some times I like to do something different, so I am thinking of a set 5x7 desktop calendars.
The idea is to have on the front the picture of one of your ancestors with maybe their name and the calendar of the month, and on the back there can be a quote, info on the ancestors, fun facts, and anything that might inspire you.
This is my first attempt at this desktop calendar:

If you like the landscape format, this is a possible layout:

You can make these calendars as simple or as scrappy as you like, and once you have them printed and shipped at your house, all you need is a tabletop frame, one of those acrylic ones will just do, or you can go for something fancier, you choose.
You can also just make these calendars with your children pictures, or even their artwork.
Anything that is connected to your family is part of your family history, so go ahead, express yourself!
I hope I tickled your imagination, you are welcome to share your ideas with a comment.

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