Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boosting a child self esteem

Nowadays seems like we are asking more and more to our children, and we are involving them in more and more activities, and while this allows them to discover their full potential, it could  also end up being a little counterproductive.
Ever heard your child uttering these words:
My child does it a little too much, and just saying that I know he can do it, wasn't convincing him so much, so I decided that he needed something that would make him realize him that he can do many things.
How about a book about him and what he CAN do?
I got inspired by a fellow HM consultant, Kelly Barquin and created a 5x5 book similar to the 8x8 book she had created for her child, recording as many things my 5 year old can do as possible.
When the book arrived on my door step, I couldn't wait for my child to come home from school and see it!
He loved it, and also was able to read some words, and could see that the phrase I CAN was everywhere.
We read the book together and he was so proud to have a book about him and the great things he can do!
Now I can show him the book every time he is discouraged, and tell him he CAN do it, supported by a whole book about him!

I think this is now his favorite, among all the books I have created for him, and our family!
You can see a preview of the whole book here.
You can improve your child self esteem too creating a book about him/her, like the one I created, or one with all of his/her artwork, a magazine cover featuring your child, family games with his pictures, creating his own genealogy tree...

Using  the HM Studio 3.0 super easy online software, you can really create any kind of project to not only preserve your heritage but also "change" the story for someone!

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