Friday, September 18, 2009

The funny things kids can say....

So, my 5 year old was playing tag at Chick fil-a two days ago, and all of a sudden we hear him cry: he hit his nose against the corner of the bench in the play area, and I must say, that was the worst damage he ever did to his nose!
It took forever to stop the bleeding, the day after was picture day (our luck!), and we thought it was bad, until this morning, when we woke up and noticed that not only the nose was swollen, but the blood had gone down in the eye and so that was swollen too!
Well, we point to him that he really did a number on that nose, and he candidly asked:"What number is it?"
We couldn't help but laugh!
Our kids really say the funniest things, and long ago I decided to have a planner where I would put all the silly, sweet, funny things they say, as soon as I can , so that I won't forget. I will eventually make a book with all these phrases.
Today I decided that it was so funny that it deserved a page of its own, so here it is:

If you think about it, the memories of these funny things are what we keep dear and tell us a lot about our children, and it would really be a pity to forget them, so I exhort you to take the time to write down, on a piece of paper, on a notebook or even better, a dedicated planner, all the things they say and that you don't want to forget!
Even this is family history.
Can you imagine in 20-40-60 years from now when your children and their children will read about it?

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