Monday, September 28, 2009

My publishing website just got a makeover!

What a pleasant surprise this morning!
The new look of my publishing website is up and running!!!

Click here to check it out by yourself!
What do you think?
It has now more videos and more ways to make your experience fun and engaging!
You can already start creating the new products, like the photo bracelets or the swatch books, or even the board book! My husband likes the new swatch book so much that he already opened a project, ready to create one for him to brag about our kids!;)
I especially love that the template embedding function is back, so I am already playing with it and I already added one of the projects I created some time ago at the end of this blog!(scroll down to end of all the posts to see it, or click here to have the full preview)

You can now magnify your view, change the background for a more personalized view of the project, and you can SHARE it through email, website or blog! YEAH!
Oh, and don't forget that you can always just share the link to your project preview on any social network like facebook, twitter or linkeIn or any other one!
This is how the email you would send your friends when you want to share a project you are creating or a template you like, will look:

Isn't it great?
I can't wait to start creating projects with the new products! What should I start first? The swatch book? The photo bracelet? The board book? The new format calendar? I just want to create them all!!!^_^
It's so fun with our software, and the new look just makes me want to create even more!

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