Thursday, September 3, 2009

September rewards and gifts

I cannot believe we are already in September!
Less than 4 months, and this year will have gone by...
Do you know what day it is? Sometimes I forget, but I am so glad to have my calendar to keep track of my days, and I love placing pictures of my loved ones on their birth dates, so that remembering them is so easy!
You can have a calendar like this too! And you can have it for FREE!!!
How? Host a workshop during the month of September and you will receive a free calendar credit in addition to the great hosting rewards of up to 20% of the total sales!
Plus, your guests will get a free greeting card just for being there! You can't beat that!
During our workshop you and your guests will learn how to Storybook and create priceless gifts for your loved ones and for yourself. I will inspire you with ideas and suggestions and will show you how easy it is to create calendars, cards, books and more with our free online system.

Don't live in the Jacksonville area?
No worries, we have great online tutorials and classes that will show you everything. You will be creating wonderful projects in no time!

Stay tuned for the class links and info or contact me with any question you might have.
As a Personal Publishing consultant I am here to give you as much help as you need!

You can get a free Publishing account by signing up at and start creating unlimited projects at once!
Want more? Check out our incredible deals on greeting cards!

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